Differences between online loans and bank loans.

Loans ae one of the most demanded financial products for all types of clients. Both individuals and companies. And two are the most used methods to achieve them: online loans and bank loans. for a critique

What are the differences between these two products? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 

Online loans and bank loans

Online loans and bank loans

Undoubtedly, there are more and more differences between online loans and bank loans. And although until a few years ago banks seemed the only safe and stable alternative, nowadays online loans are gaining ground on these other financial products. Let’s see the reasons.



In the case of online loans, there is a wide variety of products depending on the amount, the speed of response and the repayment period sought. Something that is not so easy to achieve with bank loans. Among the private equity loan companies responsible for granting loans online, there are all kinds of options. From micro-credits, with which you obtain a maximum of $ 1,000 in just 15 minutes and repay in a month, through fast loans or loans with a mortgage guarantee.

Required documentation

Without a doubt one of the big differences between companies that operate online and banks of a lifetime are the papers that are requested to confirm a loan.

  • In the case of online credits, they are usually simple documents to obtain and easy to present. As for example the copy of the current account, the ID of the holder and an email account.
  • Bank loans normally ask for a photocopy of the payroll, the employment contract (to check the age and if it is an indefinite contract) and the personal income tax of the last years.

The greater number of documents requested by the bank is associated with higher credit requirements. If the bank considers that the client does not have a stable financial situation, it will not grant the loan. In this way, clients with Asnef or without stable payroll will not get a bank loan.

Speed ​​of the procedures

Speed ​​of the procedures

Undoubtedly, online credits manage to beat the response speed of bank credits.

  • The first ones take between 15 minutes and 72 hours to be granted, depending on the amount requested. For example, micro credits that do not exceed $ 1,200 are deposited into the customer’s current account in less than 15 minutes. A credit with a mortgage guarantee, whose capital limit is established in proportion to the value of the property, will take around 72 hours.
  • In the case of banks, the procedures can take days or even weeks. The response speed is greatly reduced due, among other reasons, to having to go to the bank branch to sign or deliver documentation. Online credits, when acting through the internet, save a lot of time.

Private equity loans in 48 hours with home guarantee – Private equity loans

Applying for private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee is the most demanded today thanks to its simplicity. As with more traditional loans, these are financial instruments that require a procedure to be followed through a few steps.

Is it safe to obtain private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee?

Is it safe to obtain private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee?

Home equity loan statistics have increased over time. This is because a large part of the applications that are entered in the banks are rejected. Whether it’s because they don’t qualify or because their credit history is flawed, many miss out on this opportunity.

Now obtaining private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee is the best facet to get money fast. Private lenders guarantee Spaniards quick solutions to their money problems. Meanwhile, they respond to the security and transparency that all credit must have.

The 48-hour home equity loan is not only safe for the lender, but also for the loan applicant. There are many benefits to be had from taking out this type of loan.

If you follow the right path, that will guarantee that one of the private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee is approved. In addition, the entity has the confidence to continue granting you extensions, among other benefits. Today we are going to talk about the steps to follow when applying for a private capital loan in 48 hours with the guarantee of a home free of charges.

Be very clear

Be very clear

When applying for private equity loans in 48 hours with a home guarantee, it is necessary to be very clear and have a compelling reason to apply. In these cases, private equity loans in 48 hours usually help for specific times when money is urgently needed, and you are sure that you can repay it in the time required.

What is the amount of money you are going to request?

What is the amount of money you are going to request?

This step also requires a thorough analysis. Once you are clear that you are going to apply for a private capital loan in 48 hours with the guarantee of a home free of charges, to solve a very specific expense, you need to know what is the minimum and maximum amount required for that expense. It is necessary to be clear about the limit figures, to know which alternative is the most convenient for you, depending on the interests and the deadlines to be met.


How to formalize loans between relatives without considering donations.

Sometimes lending money to friends or family can be expensive. Especially if the Treasury considers it a disguised donation. However, no problems should arise as long as these loans are carried out properly. From Lenders we want to offer you the best keys so that you know how to formalize loans between family members without any type of fiscal pressure. If you want to know more details be sure to read the following article.

Steps to follow to formalize loans between family members

Steps to follow to formalize loans between family members

Step 1. Sign a contract between both parties

Step 1. Sign a contract between both parties

It does not matter if the loan is made from parents to children, between siblings or a friend. If you want to avoid problems with the Treasury, it is best to write a contract. And if you do not want to get a return on the loan, the contract must be free. What does this mean? That the lender agrees to offer the loan without any interest.

In case of not specifying by contract that it has no interest, the Treasury may think that said loan does contain them. The Treasury could assume that the loan includes interest at the current value of the money. At this time, 3% according to article 40 of the Personal Income Tax Law.

However, as long as you sign a contract and do it correctly, you will avoid any possible problems with the treasury. In addition to avoiding problems with the Treasury when signing a contract, both parties will be protected before possible future claims or defaults. Likewise, both parties will be protected if the debt is to be transferred to an heir in the event of death.

Step 2. Properly write the contract

Step 2. Properly write the contract

When writing the contract we can do it in different ways. From looking for models online to hiring a lawyer to be in charge of its writing. In any case, when writing a contract you should never forget:

  • Indicate the date and place of conclusion of said contract.
  • Indicate the personal and tax data of both the lender and the borrower.
  • Specify the total amount owed.
  • Indicate the return period and the interest, if any. Be careful with the return terms. They must be realistic. In case of an excessively long duration, the Treasury may think that it is a covert donation. Likewise, the contract should specify the frequency with which the installments will be paid to the lender. These can be of any type as long as both parties agree.
  • Indicate possible early amortizations. It is not necessary to specify by contract whether or not to accept the early repayment of the loan. It must also be clearly reflected if there will be a collection of commissions for early amortization, the method of return that will be carried out and, in the event of associated costs, who will bear them.
  • That both parties sign the contract on all sides and keep a copy.

Step 3. Leave nothing to chance

Step 3. Leave nothing to chance

It is better that all possible scenarios are reflected in the contract. In this way we will avoid problems with the Treasury or possible confusion between the lender and the borrower. For example, if there are possibilities to extend the return period, they should be indicated in the contract.

Remember that loans between individuals are exempt from taxation. However they are subject to it. What does this mean? That the tax on patrimonial transfers and documented legal acts must be settled, but that nothing has to be paid for it since it is exempt from taxation.

For this, it is necessary to settle the tax by the borrower in the corresponding office using form 600.

The advantages of taking advantage of a loan.

The repurchase of credit can bring you many advantages. To take advantage of these advantages, you simply have to comply with the conditions established by the lending financial organizations, including complete files, compulsory fees, legal duration, etc. It is then necessary to set your objective according to your profile and your project.

The possibility of reducing the overall amount of your mortgage

The possibility of reducing the overall amount of your mortgage

If you have taken out a mortgage, you can consider a debt repurchase loan to reduce the overall cost of your mortgage or the higher monthly repayment. You can also use the services of the comparator, which can allow you to make a considerable saving on your mortgage.

In other words, you can renegotiate his or her current loans on good terms to unlock the most significant savings. We will have to reduce the duration and acquire the lowest amount on the market. However, you must be vigilant regarding the reimbursement indemnities that the banking institutions can submit to you during the repurchase of your credit.

Benefit from more convenience in daily life with the repurchase of credit

Benefit from more convenience in daily life with the repurchase of credit

One can also commit to the repurchase of credit in the ambition to obtain more comfort in everyday life, particularly if your monthly payments are too important. In this case, it is rather a question of carrying out loan restructuring or credit refinancing instead of saying a credit repurchase. It consists in buying back the various chains of credits to establish a new loan. This then makes it possible to have only one monthly payment more suitable for your case. In most cases, the monthly payment period is even extended.

You also benefit from attractive purchasing power by reducing your debt. Note that a repurchase of credit must lead you to find a practical management of your income without ever going into debt more than reason for the durations longer. It is the more personal financial solution that best corresponds to over-indebtedness whether it is caused by an abundance of monthly payments or by an accident in life.

Urgent loan for anything (within 24 hours)

Everyone sometimes finds themselves in a bad financial situation, when they urgently need to borrow some money. Looking for an urgent loan eg to pay the rent, repair the car, buy new appliances, pay the electricity bill or whatever. Mostly he just needs money right away. And it is precisely for this problem that there is a loan within 24 hours, which will allow you to get money almost immediately.


So what should I do if I need an urgent loan?


It is best to go directly to your bank and try to arrange the loan right there, usually every bank can provide a loan to a client who is not in the debtors’ registers and regularly sends the payment to the bank’s account without any problems. Of course, everything depends on the specific bank and especially the client. A very popular way to get money from the bank is to allow an overdraft (so-called overdraft), which will allow you to go to minus, for example, 500 dollars in a personal account. It’s actually a form of loan, like a bank credit card, which you can also use to withdraw money that you don’t have.


Urgent non-bank loan

non-bank loan

If you need money to buy some goods, then there is still the opportunity to use to buy goods in installments, through some installment company such as Lite Lending or Delta-77 Finance .

However, if you need money directly on hand, respectively. to a bank account, so you can use, for example, short-term loans for 1 to 31 days, with which you get 20 to 200 dollars , often without proof of income and without liability. These are simply loans intended for people who have an income but do not want to prove it very much. 

These loans are most often used eg pre-paid people, mothers on MD for things for children or retirees when, for example, they urgently need money for medicine. With the help of a short-term loan, you can have money in your account on the second day after applying online. And most importantly, you can use the money for anything you need. No one will be interested in what you needed the money for.


Advantages of an urgent loan

money loans

  • often available within 24 hours
  • without guarantee or guarantor
  • purposeless – money can be used for anything
  • ease of acquisition – just fill out a short form on our site
  • in some cases, without proof of income or examination of the debtors’ register

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Short-term loans – Where can I get them?

A short-term loan is a type of loan whose maturity ranges from 1 to 4 weeks in a relatively short period of time. It is, therefore, suitable mainly before the payment for the temporary payment of the family budget.

People use this loan mainly for unexpected problems in the household, such as for repairs of a damaged car, appliances, payment of arrears, expenses related to children, and the like.

Short-term loans have recently become very popular mainly due to their availability and quick equipment. However, for short-term loans, be careful about timely repayment, as you will unnecessarily pay high fees for late repayment of the loan.

Who can get a short-term loan?


The loan can be obtained by practically everyone, ie employed people, students, women on MD, pensioners, but also the unemployed. Companies that provide short-term loans often do not check the register of debtors and do not even need a receipt from the employer.

How fast will I get the money?


One of the biggest advantages of a short-term loan is that you can get the money within 24 hours. Therefore, these loans are often referred to as quick loans.

Some companies even approve loans within a few minutes of submitting the application, and if you have an account with the same bank as the loan company, you will receive the money directly to your account on the same day.

How long can I borrow?


As we have already written, the name implies that you can borrow only for a short period of time, usually for a maximum of 5 to 31 days. However, for a fee, you can extend the maturity of all companies. Even if you borrow repeatedly, you can borrow a higher amount.

Who provides short-term loans?


The most well-known providers include Ferratum (up to USD 75), CreditOne (up to USD 100) and Loan Office (up to USD 500). All of these companies provide loans in several European countries, so their loans are verified by thousands of clients. Classic banks do not provide these short-term loans, but if you regularly send the payout to a bank account, you can try to apply for a loan at your bank as well.

Advantages of short-term loans

  • loan processing speed (24 to 48 hours)
  • free of charge
  • even without checking the debtors’ registers
  • without proof of income
  • without liability
  • without personal meetings – you can arrange everything via the Internet

Disadvantages of short – term loans

  • short maturity (usually from 5 to 31 days)
  • penalties for non-payment of the loan on time

Be sure to keep in mind that if you need a loan, it’s still better to borrow from your family so you don’t have to pay any interest. Thanks to loans, you can easily get into a debt trap thanks to fees, and then you will repay even longer than you thought.

Advantageous mortgages and loans

Good Finance Bank has been operating on the Slovak market only since 2008, so it is one of the youngest banks in the Slovak Republic. Until then, it operated here as a branch of a foreign bank – the Good Finance Bank in Prague.

He is one of the leaders in offering professional financial and insurance services. From loans, building savings, investing through pensions, banking services to regular leasing, and factoring. The Belgian bank KBC is the sole shareholder of GFIC and indeed the parent company.

Non-purpose consumer credit


The loan is for anything. It’s up to you to buy a car, housing, or home appliances. The amount of the loan is from USD 600 to USD 25,000.

Repayment period from 1 to 5 years. The advantage of the loan is the choice of the repayment day, money within 24 hours, and a deferral of max. 3 installments for another period. Interest rates are also very advantageous and attractive. The loan is intended for citizens and entrepreneurs aged 18 and over.

Consumer credit for housing


An ideal loan for the reconstruction or modernization of an apartment or house. Very convenient for buying at home, apartment, garage, land or recreational facilities. Loan amount from USD 600 to USD 25,000. The repayment period is optional, the maximum is 10 years.

The advantage of the loan is the choice of the repayment day, money within 24 hours and a deferral of max. 3 installments for another period.

The loan is intended for citizens and entrepreneurs aged 18 and over. Two identity documents are required for the equipment, and if you are an employee, you also need income data, the last account statement and the amount of income.

Consumer car loan


This loan is suitable for the purchase of a new or used car . The bank will refinance the entire value of the car up to the amount of USD 25,000 without a minimum of own cash. The advantage of the loan is that you become the owner of the purchased vehicle immediately after arranging the loan.

The repayment period for a new vehicle is up to 7 years, for a used vehicle up to 5 years. The car will be insured by the bank directly at the branch.

The advantage of the loan is the choice of the repayment day, money within 24 hours and a deferral of max. 3 installments for another period. For whom it is intended and the documents are the same as for the previous ones.



An ideal mortgage for the reconstruction, construction of a house or holiday cottage. It is secured by the purchased real estate. Another possibility of securing real estate is in personal ownership or the ownership of another (third) person. The amount of the loan is from 4500 USD.

The repayment period is from 3 to 40 years. The advantage of a mortgage is the choice of the repayment day, the choice of the type of repayment (linear, cancellation) and the possible shortening of the maturity period or reduction of the repayment. For whom it is intended and the necessary documents are the same as for loans.

Non-purpose mortgage


The mortgage is suitable for reconstruction, purchase of new equipment or an apartment for which you do not have to prove the purpose. This is probably the biggest advantage of this mortgage.

The amount of the loan is from 4500 USD up to a maximum of 70% of the property value. The repayment period is from 3 to 30 years.

The advantage of a mortgage is the choice of the repayment day, the choice of the type of repayment (linear, cancellation) and the possible shortening of the maturity period or reduction of the repayment. Mortgage approval will take place within 24 hours.

Combined mortgage

This mortgage is suitable if the client is interested in real estate and at the same time would like to keep some money as cash. The amount of the mortgage is from 4500 USD.

The repayment period is from 3 to 30 years. The advantage of a mortgage is the choice of the repayment day, the choice of the type of repayment (linear, cancellation), and the possible shortening of the maturity period or reduction of the repayment. Mortgage approval will take place within 24 hours. Pumping is possible once or gradually.

An advantageous offer is also for credit and real estate insurance. Also, for all mortgages, the optional interest rate fixation period is 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

Loans without end-to-end knowledge company check


Loan without viscera end-to-end knowledge company: it is feasible, does it exist?

Loan without viscera crif : it is feasible, does it exist?

Affirmative! These are some loans which, by their nature, are disbursed without prior checking at the aforementioned risk center, but also others. They have in common the fact that they do not require income assessments as either they already assume it or it is not necessary. They also do not even require a valuation of assets, as they are normally intended for people who have had problems with the payment of previous loans in the broadest sense of the phrase.

Loans without end-to-end knowledge company check : let’s start with the first one.

It is the most important and, moreover, it is extremely popular to the point that it is practically known by any pensioner or employee: the transfer of the fifth.

Everyone knows this type of financing, but few people know that by giving up their quota, a real credit assessment will not be carried out. The only form of verification, at most, will be that carried out to ascertain whether a subject has the requisites required to sell his fifth or even double this. For example, a retiree cannot take advantage of the delegation loan, regardless of whether or not he has reports from some negative database.

Financing without end-to-end knowledge company control : the second.

Financing without crif control : the second.

It is the collateral loan : it is a question of constituting a pledge on a specific movable asset which, for some time, in addition to the usual objects (gold and other precious items, paintings, furs, etc.), has also extended to vehicles, e.g. a car. More info on car loan and registered vehicles. In practice, the item pledged guarantees the repayment of the loan on its own. For this reason, we do not carry out searches at the end-to-end knowledge company or at other databases.

Another form of loan without checks “sometimes comparable” to the aforementioned ones is that of exchanged loans. Why only sometimes equal? Because in the event of a credit, the eventual direct search for control at the CIF is at the total discretion of the lender who may decide to omit it for example. in the presence of solid guarantees. More details on agencies and financial for loans changed 2020

Personal loans without end-to-end knowledge company check: are there others?

Personal loans without crif check : are there others?

Unfortunately not! But we still want to indicate a form of financing that by its nature does not usually involve investigations about the creditworthiness both past (reports) and present (income). We refer to the loan of honor. But, be careful, we are not talking about the pseudo-honor loans advertised by credit institutions but those disbursed by the state and directed either for job creation or to be disbursed in the form of aid.

In these cases, even if disbursed by banks, they are not subject to credit rating as they are guaranteed by a public body. The topic has ended, but we suggest a postponement in case you are interested in alternative solutions, to be considered, however, in the presence of the end-to-end knowledge company report on loans to reported end-to-end knowledge company without assignment

Is it possible to get private loans without property?

For many people it is an essential matter to get a loan without having a property, since they do not have assets of that nature, we are referring to real estate. But obtaining a private credit without that minimum requirement is very complicated even resorting to private equity companies. 

How can we obtain this credit?

How can we obtain this credit?

In our company, it is possible to get money. We provide private loans to our clients, guaranteed by any type of property, from real estate to art collections, taxi licenses, vehicles, etc. everything serves to guarantee the loan that we are going to grant to the client; the only exception is jewelry.

In this way, the user gets the money they need so much to cover their needs and be able to get up to a maximum of 20% of the value of the guarantee, depending on the quality of the guarantee. We also add that the credits that we offer in our company have other advantages, for example, the fact that the loans are granted in a very short period of time, less than 72 hours as long as we have received the necessary documents in our offices.

No money matter involved.

No money matter involved.

As for real estate properties, they must be totally free of charges and mortgages and flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. we do not accept plots or plots. Our company is made up of a team of private and private lenders who have extensive knowledge of real estate and financial issues, for this reason, we can carry out many procedures and take care of various tasks such as the official appraisal of your home, a process that we will carry out at a very reasonable price economic for the client. We will never collect money in advance and advise you at all times.

Another interesting option is that the client can put his vehicle in guarantee to access our loans, we give him money for his car and for this our team of professionals will not appraise, later he is granted an amount that ranges between 30% or 40 % of the value of your utility. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, etc. are valid.

Everything is absolutely legal and is signed in the presence of a notary, these signatures can be made anywhere in Spain, it is not necessary for the client to move from his province. We can study the operation only by providing the simple note of the registry, we remind you that we grant minimum credits from $ 3000 and it does not matter that you are on any list of defaulters such as the Financial Credit Institution, or for example do not have a stable job and this is the unemployment; none of these situations is a reason for us not to give you the money you need.

Find out if the company operates legally.

Find out if the company operates legally.

Our company is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and we comply with all current regulations regarding private loans and financial services. If you need to get a private loan without property, our company is the most suitable to obtain the necessary money.

Among other advantages, we offer you the possibility of an early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as you have completed a mandatory year with us, in addition of this it is possible to make a grace period and pay only interest up to a maximum of five years. If you have any questions, you can consult us without any commitment on our part, we will be happy to assist you and put at your disposal our best team of experts in real estate and financial matters. Is it possible to get private loans without property? Rate this page